Recycled Bottle’s 1st Anniversary

It has already been a year since we've launched our recycled bottle and we're so proud of it.

It’s remained our most popular product (thank you for that) so it’s only fitting that we dedicate one of our blog posts to celebrate it’s first year.

Not only that, but we want to invite all of you to join in the celebrations so keep reading.

Luftbremzer recycled bottle

For those of you who don’t yet know, our Luftbremzer Gin bottles are 100% recycled glass and the cork stoppers are made from cork oak bark.

This transition to more sustainable operations is not only more conscious and modern but also more visually attractive as we can gather from you, our dear customers. The new bottle also added a new sleekness to our product design; the glass color blended nicely with our label and gave it an even more uniqueness and organic feel.

Luftbremzer Recycled bottle with imperfections

Also, because the glass is recycled, the glass has certain visual imperfections that add uniqueness which gives the whole story an artistic feel… If we do say so ourselves… In effort to not repeat myself too much in writing these posts you can read all about it in our previous post - New Recycled Bottle

Enough of my bragging for now.

Celebrating sustainability

There is more to be elaborated on in this post. I wanted to make a brief overview of the distilleries that have made a serious step up (or more than one step) towards more sustainable fine spirits production and that through their actions make an added value for the world.

The innovations and the will that they made to make their business environmentally more friendly and responsible are just astonishing. The list of initiatives is long, ranging from already mentioned packaging and recyclable materials usage to green energy systems implementations and changing the business concepts to diminish the carbon footprint and to give back to the community and to the wilderness.

The first feature that comes to my mind is of course the Elephant Gin. A brand behind the pair of enthusiasts and activists is all about preserving elephants. They donate 15% of every sold bottle to elephant conservation thrusts. But that’s not all. The topic of sustainability and social responsibility is reflected in all facets of Elephant Gin company; from waste reduction and innovative recycling initiatives to smarter bar initiatives as well as furthering education and providing work opportunities in wildlife conservation.

Another distillery example that has made a considerable effort towards packaging sustainability is Victory Distillery from London. They make pretty unique gin by using vacuum distillation which is a treat by itself. But that’s not their prime feature. The distillery is all about refills. Alongside their plastic-free bottles, they offer refill packages, the indefinitely recyclable aluminium cans. Their bottle is made completely free from plastic and has been designed with the possibility of multiple refills in mind. The Victory bottle stopper is made of permanent glass to encourage their customers to refill.

If that’s not enough, let’s take a look into GlenWyvis, Scotland’s first community-­owned distillery, which is 100% powered by green energy. We’re talking, wind, solar, hydro and biomass combined. It is located on a farm, using its links to agriculture to remain sustainable. Its by-products are recycled and used as food for the farm’s cows. I find it marvelous to see how a business can be integrated into a community so elegantly and profoundly. The distillery raised 2,6 million pounds in their first share offer from 2200 people. Obviously, progressive thinking and principles do pay off.

There are other numerous examples of sustainable and environmentally responsible initiatives and we are enormously glad to play just one small part of it all.

What can we do together?

To celebrate our humble contribution to sustainability we’d like to encourage you to join us in our efforts and create our own little movement towards these goals.

We all know that making things happen is a group effort so here’s our idea:

We want to extend the life of our bottles by reusing them a second time. We also know that you, our fellow luftbremzers are known for your creativity and are not afraid to show it off.

So grab an empty bottle of Luftbremzer Gin you have lying around and put it to use.

Use it as a vase, a piece of decor, put twinkle lights in it for that romantic effect, or even use it as a piggy bank (or rather a parrot bank) where you save money for something special…

If you have several bottles, give them to your friends or get together and make an art piece. Let your imagination go wild.

Reused Luftbremzer bottle

This was made by one of you guys (you know who you are)

Spread the word

Take a photo or a video of your reused bottles and share it on your Instagram Stories.

Tag us @luftbremzer.gin and use the hashtag #luftcycle so we can show off your creativity to the rest of our community.


Until next time, be creative, be artistic, show it off and have yourself some memorable luftbremzer moments!



Filip Presečki, Founder and CEO od Luftbremzer Gin Distillery