Luftbremzer Gin Distillery

Luftbremzer Gin Distillery was founded in Zagreb, in 2018. and is the first gin-only distillery in Croatia dedicated to producing artisan gin. As such, its mission is to preface and preserve the craft of fine gin making.

Luftbremzer Gin is a contemporary London Dry gin of 44% alcoholic volume which is made with carefully selected and locally sourced ingredients. It is produced in small batches maintaining a standard of high quality. The gin is distilled using eleven botanicals in such a way as to create the its distinctive and regional flavor profile. Its taste starts with subtle herbally-floral notes, reaches a strong juniper body and ends with a distinctive rooty aftertaste. Some of the botanicals used are: elderberry, chamomile, lemon peel, rue and bay leaves, to name a few. Luftbremzer Gin is a handcrafted product – from distilling preparation and bottling, to labeling and packaging, ensuring the gin’s value and quality.

The label and visual identity refers to the process of gin production. A clear white label, along with a clean typography referring to the gin’s purity, and an exceptionally illustrated parrot logo denoting the complexity and attention paid to details within the process of distilling; everything tied to the name of the brand (Luftbremzer) which in the old Zagreb vernacular designates a libertine, a person that is solely focused on fulfilling own pleasures.

The team behind Luftbremzer were inspired to create a brand that signifies their efforts and passion, and something that maintains a physical relationship with the way they create.