New Recycled Bottle

We have great news to announce.

Behold our brand new bottle made of 100 percent recycled glass!

Luftbremzer Recycled Bottle


Today, everything is about sustainability. Man has led the world to the brink of ecological collapse. Now, every business, from small to big, has to lead their processes towards a more sustainable and ecologically acceptable model.

Spirit industry is a polluter as well. Distillation is a big energy consumer, weather it comes from gas or electricity. Further, there are large quantities of cooling water involved in the process. Bottling consumes a lot of glass and plastics. However, does it have to be like that? Well, not necessarily. We all can do something to make our production and business processes more environmentally friendly.


Sustainable is a new normal

At Luftbremzer Distillery, we have started with the packaging. Our first step towards ecologically acceptable model was the cork stopper. It’s made from a bark of an amazing tree with miraculous ability of rapid bark reproduction which makes it sustainable and all natural when harvested in the right way.

It's not only the green colour that makes it better

The newest addition to our green state of mind comes in green color also. The shape of the bottle has remained the same, as we really love our apothecary bottle design and wouldn’t trade it for nothing. What’s visually changed is the color.  This new color is obtained with 100% recycled PCR glass (Post-Consumer Recycled Glass) and its design is organic and authentic, very similar to hand-made glass. We don’t have to say that the whole concept of obtaining that beautiful color threw us off our feet, but here’s the sweet part. The usage of this recycled glass allows reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions, since lower energy consumption is required when melting this material than when converting the raw material into glass. It also implies a lower total extraction of virgin materials, since 1 kg of recovered glass is equivalent to 1.2 kg of virgin raw materials. That's 20 percent in energy savings if our math serves us right.


Imperfect is beautiful

But that’s not all! The production of the glass does not exclude bottles with cosmetic ‘imperfections’. By embracing those little features, discard of bottles has been reduced from 25 % to 15 %, which also saves energy.  What’s also great about those ‘imperfections’ is that they make every bottle unique. Every little inclusion, bubble, slight variation in color or orange peel effect makes each and every bottle attractive in a different way. So next time you get a bottle of Luftbremzer Gin, you should know that your particular bottle is one of a kind.

We still have some of our white flint bottles in stock, but when they go, they are gone forever and are being replaced by a new, better, more progressive and sustainable solution.

Wild Glass Luftbremzer bottle
Luftbremzer Recycled Bottle


Enjoy your Luftbremzer moments.



Filip Presečki, Founder and CEO od Luftbremzer Gin Distillery