ONI - Fundraising project

Something amazing happened last week! We proudly announce that Luftbremzer Distillery participated as a supporter in one worthy fundraising charity action called ONI, which went incredibly well.

The project initiator was Vanja Varga and her Djelovanje agency.


Art and charity

The fundraising consisted of selling of the 2021 calendar (moving one’s focus from 2020 is an instant win, I presume) illustrated by 13 Croatian illustrators. We were amongst the brands that provided added value by giving fine percentage off on our products via Luftbremzer webshop. The money has been raised for NGO Krijesnice, a Croatian association that provides support to children and families facing malignant diseases. By connecting art and philanthropy in such a smart way, Vanja (with our modest support) sold 150 calendars in only a few hours after the launching of the project. In that way we have raised HRK 15,000 (around EUR 2,000) in a matter of hours.

ONI Djelovanje Krijesnice Fundraising



But that’s not all! The original illustrations have been put up for charity auction, which is ongoing at the time this post is being written, in Botaničar bar in Zagreb. The auction lasts till 22.12.2020, so if you still haven’t, we urge you to visit the Facebook event to compete for one of the 13 amazing illustrations and potentially donate for this worthwhile and commendable cause.

ONI Djelovanje Vanja Varga Fundraising Krijesnice


Who is involved?

We would like to use this opportunity to thank and mention honourably all the participants who took part in this project:

  • Artists:

Marina Mesar – OKO, Marin Remić, Tea Jurišić, Maja Biondić, Nikola Grabovac, Nikolina Žabčić, Mislav Lešić, Ivana Pipal, Nikica Jurković, Rina Barbarić, Dominik Vuković, Jelena Oroz and Slaven Kosanović – Lunar.


  • Brands promoters:

Botaničar – art place and a bar, Buzdovan – First Croatian craft cider, Kokolach – Vegan and raw cakes, People2People – Ghee and nut products manufacturer, Korica – first Croatian craft bakery, Kofer. – gift shop.


  • Printing: 
Cerovski Print Boutiqe 


ONA project

We love to help people and we love art, so you can imagine that this was an ideal action for us to participate in.  But just so you know, this wasn’t the first one. Last December, we were part of a project called ONA, also led by Vanja. We were selling our 200 ml Luftbremzer Gins with vouchers from several brands for raising money for ‘Nismo same’ association helping women battling malignant diseases.

ONA Djelovanje Luftbremzer Charity


Wanna cooperate for greater good?

Nowadays, every business has to be socially responsible and community supportive. We would like to continue our journey on a good trail of charity. So if you are an individual or a person having any suggestion, colab proposal or advice on that matter, please contact us on info@luftbremzer.com and we will gladly open a discussion towards a better, more responsible and happier world :)

Enjoy your Luftbremzer moments.



Filip Presečki, Founder and CEO od Luftbremzer Gin Distillery