Luftbremzer Moments

We all crave for indulging ourselves, right? We all have our little moments in which we can find ourselves doing things that make us feel true to our nature. Sometimes, that moment is composed of just doing nothing at all, and that’s fine to. As long as you aren’t hurting anyone in any way, we support you. If the above doesn’t make much sense, allow us to elaborate further.


It all starts with a concept

Ok, let’s start from the beginning. It all comes from the name, Luftbremzer Gin, of course. Luftbremzer is an old vernacular periodically used in Zagreb and the surrounding area, to name a slacker, an easygoing or even lazy person. While developing a brand for our new distillery project, we were guided by locality, unpretentiousness and a non-elitist approach. We wanted a light, fun and positive vibe surrounding our work and ethic. The term fitted perfectly.


We all know one

A person that hangs at nice places around town, is easy going, talks a lot, agrees to disagree, positively influences people around her/him and celebrates life in her/his own way; a true hedonist and a bon vivant relentless in being what she/he is. That’s how we see Luftbremzer as an individual. It didn’t take long for creative brains behind our visual identity from Bunch design studio, to come up with the parrot logomark that communicates all those sweet Luftbremzer things.

 Luftbremzer Barrel Aged Gin Aja


Little moments matter

Luftbremzer often finds her-/himself in a particular moment in which she/he can do her/his thing. Moments of creativity, introspective, self-indulging, activity, learning, reading, eating, meditating, sipping... yes, and sipping Negroni for example.

So, what are Luftbremzer moments? For us, it’s all about:

  • We think that creativity is essential for living a fulfilled and progressive life. Every action that creates something can fulfil you and others around you. Creativity is art, so go paint, sculpt, do pottery, make a movie, photograph something other than selfies, spray-can something, dance, learn an instrument, sing, draw.The outcome is irrelevant, there’s only one Rembrandt anyhow. As long as it feels true, it’s good.Creativity is craft, you can try to make your own beer, paint a wall or try to DYI bed cabinet. It makes you learn a new skill and save a lot of money. Creativity is food, cook something, eat something, and invite someone to dinner. Cooking is such a beautiful skill. You can be creative in numerous ways, that’s why it’s called creativity. Be creative.
  • A lot of you Luftbremzers workout, right? It’s healthy, it’s good for your psyche and we have an urge to do it, but neglect it somehow. Going hiking to escape from rut – that’s a perfect Luftbremzer moment.
  • Moments that you dedicate to yourself. Reading, learning, meditation, planning, listening, tasting or just basic thinking. We find a good drink to be such a nice companion in these moments.
  • All of the above. There are no strict boundaries between the mentioned categories. We think that a tennis player has his Luftbremzer moment while playing tennis. It’s a sport, a physical activity, an amazing representative of creativity; it has a lot to do with being mentally strong if you want to be at least an average tennis player. For f..k’s sake, we think that Goran Ivanišević is an ultimate Luftbremzer! You can also find a passionate lawyer being in her/his Luftbremzer moment while working on an interesting case. Not only artists have this privilege.


Luftbremzer Gin Luftbremzer moments

Let's start a movement!

It might seem obvious that everyone is pursuing her/his happiness by doing things she/he wants. Or are they? Well, in this psyched-up world, there are millions of choices, priorities, cultural bonds and societal impositions. All that noise distracts us from doing what we would like to do. Maybe it’s inappropriate, maybe you’ve got more important things to do or maybe you’re expected to do something else. Maybe you just don’t have enough time. Maybe you will be judged by others as a slacker (Luftbremzer), or even feel remorse for indulging yourself that moment of mischief. But forget all that. Those moments are important, precious, worthwhile and beautiful. Thus, we have a small request to make: every time you post a picture of you or your friends having a Luftbremzer moment, please use a hashtag #luftbremzermoment, #everydayhedonism or/and #mischiefsofeverydayhedonism to celebrate, emphasise and promote those little moments of pleasure.

Luftbremzer moments


How about some classic cocktail recipes to go with your #luftbremzermoments?

Just head over to the link to get your amazingly illustrated and to-the-point instructing simple Luftbremzer Cocktail Cookbook.



Enjoy your Luftbremzer moments.



Filip Presečki, Founder and CEO od Luftbremzer Gin Distillery