Luftbremzer Negroni

Timeless classic

Ok, it's time for a classic, for a simply epic and evergreen cocktail. Ever since the old duke Negroni ordered a twist of an Americano at his favourite bar in Firenze, the cocktail became a legendary and probably one of most popular bar drinks ever. Its simplicity is often an arguable one, since its building seems like a straightforward sequence of stirring even amounts of gin, bitter and red vermouth. Nevertheless, the ice (read dilution) and garnish (read orange peel) add a peculiar and sensitive serving dimension to it.

Luftbremzer Negroni


Why do we love it?

We love Negroni because it always stands on that brink between two counterparts; old – modern, simple – complex, sweet – bitter. We think that’s the reason of its unprecedented timelessness. It will always be a theme for discussion, from its mysterious origins to the best serve options and all the variations related to it.


How do we love it?

At the Luftbremzer Distillery we are making it a bit different and here’s why. Not long ago, one beautiful product came under our radar and that’s the precious Mulassano Vermouth Rosso. With notes of blood orange, this vermouth is produced exclusively for Mulassano Caffe in Turin, Piedmont area.

Meeting place for numbers of Artists, politics and writers, the Caffe Mulassano opened its doors in 1879. Its founder Amilcare Mulassano, created in association with the distiller Piedro Bordiga Mulassano vermouth original recipe. Until today, vermouth Mulassano recipe remains unchanged and is produced at Bordiga's historic distillery in Cuneo, Piedmont. This beautiful vermouths story, taste and origins made us instantly fall in love with it.

From the same distillery comes the Mulassano Bitter. It’s a sweet and herbaceous modern take on an 18th century Italian bitter recipe produced using only natural ingredients. It is a bit different, more organic and natural in taste as well as colour than bitters more commonly used for making Negroni cocktails.

Luftbremzer Negroni Mulassano


Luftbremzer Gin fitted in perfectly. Its herbal aromas blend nicely into taste profile of the bitter and its floral notes add perfectly to vermouths sweet and jammy feel. However, the gin stays dominant in the complex blend of flavours and forms a piney backbone of the cocktail.


Luftbremzer Negroni pre-batched

Once we’ve made the initial cocktail, we were so delightful that we’ve decided to take it one step further. Luftbremzer Negroni has become our first pre-batched cocktail. If you prefer, you can have it on our webshop and spare yourself of a preparing hustle. Just put it in a glass with a cube or two of ice and express an orange peel over it.

Luftbremzer Pre-batched Negroni cocktail


Our Negroni recipe

On the other hand, if you’re an adventurer, we encourage you to follow this recipe:

1 part Luftbremzer Gin

1 part Mulassano Bitter

1 part Mulassano Vermouth Rosso

In a mixing glass filled with ice put all three ingredients and mix it well. Strain the liquid in a chilled small rock glass filled with clear ice. Perfume and garnish with the orange peel.

If you need additional help, we've made a video tutorial for you:


Enjoy your Luftbremzer Negroni moments!

 Luftbremzer pre-batched Negroni cocktail


Looking for more simple, yet classic cocktail recipes? 

Just head over to the link to get your amazingly illustrated and to-the-point instructing simple Luftbremzer Cocktail Cookbook.







Filip Presečki, Founder and CEO od Luftbremzer Gin Distillery