Luftbremzer G&T perfect serve

Like every decent gin distillery, Luftbremzer Distillery too has the perfect serve recommendation for probably the most popular mixed drink today, the one & only, Gin & Tonic. You have probably tried all kinds of G&T, from humble and minimalistic to expressive and salad-like ones, from concentrated and spicy to watered and sweet. All around the globe you can see different glasses involved, an immense range of garnishing, tonics from other planets and every person has its own different vision for a perfect G&T. But enough with talk, here’s how we at the Distillery like to drink it and why we think Luftbremzer is the gin when it comes to ideal Gin & Tonic. It’s not that we are biased or anything, that’s just the way it is. 

Choose your weapon

First of all, Luftbremzer is intense and dominant in juniper. Once mixed with tonic, its taste profile does not dilute, but connects and forms a kind of synergy with tonic where one ingredient supports and enhances the other. Why is that? Well, quinine from tonic and juniper from gin work the magic here. You see, their chemistry goes all the way back to... well, to chemistry. Chemical compounds in juniper, i.e. gin, called aromatic compounds, create aromas that are interpreted as flavour by the nose and are reported to our brain. Because juniper has similar aromatic compounds to quinine, they are a natural pair. That’s why it’s extremely important for you to choose a strong juniper body gin if you want to make a decent G&T. Look no further...

Luftbremzer Gin has other aromas too, its herbal-citrusy forward notes make your G&T fresh, and rooty back notes enhance the aftertaste. In that way, your sipping journey joyfully lasts and harmonically changes from the first floral scent on the nose to the last and gentle tickling at the back of the palate.

No tonic, no gin!

We recommend using a neutral tonic while making Luftbremzer G&T, with less sugar content and more quinine, simply because we don’t like sugar and avoid it when we can, and love the already mentioned Juniper-quinine symbiosis. The gas content is also important, and we like to choose a tonic with medium concentration of CO2, high enough to transfer aromas of gin to your nose while sipping, and not to high so the palate tickling experience isn’t overwhelming.

Ice ice baby

One important thing - always use a good quality ice, in abundance. Fill your glass with it to the very top. It keeps your G&T cold and undiluted and your sipping experience is guaranteed even in the hottest, laziest summer days.

Keep cucumber out of this

Gin & Tonic wouldn’t be complete without the garnish. We like a minimalistic approach; we don’t like G&T salads. Garnish should accent a certain part of taste profile of a gin and in the same time visually enhance the serving. We garnish our G&T with a pine sprig to emphasise a resinous juniper taste and a black olive to balance the umami out. Our little homage to Mediterranean region and it’s also convenient so everyone can make it at home. Oh, and it looks just beautiful.

 Luftbremzer Gin&Tonic Perfect Serve


Luftbremzer G&T recommended serve

Without further ado, here’s our G&T perfect serve:

1 part Luftbremzer Gin

2 parts neutral tonic water

Pine sprig and black olive for garnish

Place a good quality ice in a tumbler glass. Add gin, than tonic, give it a gentle stir with a bar spoon. Garnish it with pine sprig and black olive. This drink is first made by our friend and an esteemed bartender Alan Petrović, a guy from Zagreb who currently runs the respectable Americana Bar in Dublin, Ireland.

And that’s it!


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Enjoy your Luftbremzer moments.



Filip Presečki, Founder and CEO od Luftbremzer Gin Distillery