Luftbremzer Distillery

Luftbremzer Gift pack

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Our gin combined with this nice pinky tube creates an ideal present for your someone special.

Luftbremzer Gin is a meticulously crafted homage to the classic London Dry with a subtle signature nudge, getting its taste palette from eleven organic botanicals. Blended, they give our gin a well-balanced flavour of herbally-floral notes, a strong juniper body, ending with a distinctive rooty aftertaste.

The gin is handcrafted. Every bottle uniquely assembled, individually numbered and produced in small batches in order to preserve the gin’s high quality. You can get that elsewhere, but this one has a cool parrot illustrated on the front label and the bottle works great as modern-meets-apothecary-meets-chic decor! Besides that, it won a bronze medal on 2019 San Francisco World Spirit Competition.

Product description

Product type Gin
Vol 0,70l
Alcohol 44%
Country of origin Croatia