What kind of music do you like?

Music is a great part of everyone’s life. Weather a professional musician, active listener or mere consumer, it inevitably flows through our life and carves it like a river through limestone. You hear it every day, on every corner, in every occasion. It can make you laugh or cry, it can spice your special moments as well as ruin them, depending on taste. Whatever the case, it seldom leaves us indifferent.


The real thing is beneath the surface

There is an enormous amount of music you can hear. The most prominent and always available one is unfortunately often the poorest and the lousiest one (similar to the gin market). Of course, there are worthy exceptions, like in everything. For mere listeners, the mainstream music will suffice. But for a real enthusiast and active listener there is a universe of music after the mediocrity surface is scratched. Such approach takes dedication and education, time and reflection on the music you listen to. However, it is also a more rewarding and more decent one.  It is a marvellous moment when you discover a new artist that blows your mind off. If you try to understand the background and the context of the music you listen to, you become closer and almost intimate with the author. It’s almost like a friend you never met in person but you feel like you know her/him.


How do we see (hear) it?

And what’s this all about, anyway? Well, here’s the point. At Luftbremzer Distillery we really love music. Our approach to the distilling is rather similar to our approach to music. It involves dedication, passion and understanding of the material you’re dealing with. We don’t take our music lightly. We are trying to involve ourselves into music and speak our brand’s values through it. We also like to support authors that create music that is interesting, vibrant, unique and clever. And here’s the moment where we’ve stepped up our game.


Trajnaninena majninena ajlaninena!

A wonderful band approached us recently with a cooperation proposal. The band is ‘nemanja’, a Pula/Zagreb ensemble led by a charismatic frontman Luka Šipetić. They are constantly bringing something new to the scene. Their music is an eclectic retro combination of psych, funk, and disco that draws their influence from 70’s Turkish, Afro and Thai as well as Tibetan music. Only occasional vocals singing on Croatian locate the quintet’s origins.  Their first album has been internationally recognized as one of the most promising psych-rock records. Their official music 'Lovers' video is a must-see.


Nemanja has recently released their second album ‘Cosmic Disco, and it’s a blast.

The band wanted to work with us because they identified themselves with our values and target audience. Although we’re operating within different industries, our work is guided by the same principles: passion, boldness, individuality and curiosity. They also like our minimalistic and unpretentious label design; it kind of resonates with their retro-esoteric motifs.

We are now supporting the shooting and production of ‘Terra Magica’, the second single from their second album. The shooting takes place on several beautiful locations across Croatia. At the moment, as the shooting is on-going, we are pleased to admit that we are fully pulled into nemanja’s beautiful world of mystical and esoteric music. Guys, we are really honoured and touched to be a part of your journey. 

Here's a link to the bands bandcamp site so check em out, you wont regret it.

And a few shots from the shooting: