Why local?

Why produce local gin?

Simply put, because we are in touch with the quality levels of the raw ingredients required to produce our gin. At Luftbremzer, we find that locality is necessity. Being familiar with the local ground, knowing the environment the botanicals came from combined with the trust and knowledge of the person that has picked it by hand gives us the confidence and permission to call our product artisan.

Raw material procurement presents a very delicate part of gin making. For instance, the abundance and aroma of those botanicals may vary depending on the season, yearly weather or just the side of the hill it came from. That’s why we strive to be personal and to have profound relations with our botanical suppliers. It is far more demanding and yet rewarding to establish procurement from such small resources rather than distributors. But no one said that the path to local product would be easy.

Fortunately, we have the privilege to open a distillery in an area  where wonderful botanicals of high quality grow wild in abundance. Therefore, locality seems rather logical. This is why you won’t find ‘exotic’ botanicals in Luftbremzer gin, but frequent, local ones. It is as simple as that: cassia and cardamom don’t grow in our corner of the Earth. However, we have the privilege to have premium quality juniper, coriander, lemon, laurel, chamomile, elder and other botanicals, which depict that unique flavor of Luftbremzer gin.


What are the benefits of locality?

You mean besides artisan gin with a controlled geographical origin? There are several marvelous secondary benefits to our gin making approach.

Firstly,  this endeavour directly supports the local community, whereby we achieve sustainability. Being independent from  shipping containers and global distributors, our production doesn’t pollute or endanger the environment in any way. That’s why we will always be small-batch. It’s not that we don’t want to grow as a distillery, but we find that growth has to be in concordance with the sustainability.

Luftbremzer in its essence represents craftsmanship and in that way appreciates crafting businesses, from Zagreb’s shoesman and umbrella maker to baristas and chefs. They all put themselves diligently and passionately into their work to achieve a unique quality of service or product. The real meaning of craft is not small-batch production, it’s the passion and attention to detail in effort of producing the perfect product. Keeping that in mind, high quality ingredients from our local suppliers are crucial in our vision.  Hence, Luftbremzer is not a craft gin because we would like to be a craft distillery, the ‘craft’ term simply describes the very essence of our activity.