We are live


Been a long time coming but after a long period of thinking, creating, planning, (some hysteric crying and laughing episodes), a dragging series of wrong and some right moves, lots of unslept nights working very ferociously to make this happen, we can finally say that the Luftbremzer Gin Distillery is going live… and it couldn’t have happened at a better moment!

We are launching the first Croatian gin-only distillery. It will be a local product, organic and handcrafted… driven by dedication, creative desire, some courage (or madness) and pure joy.

Come explore why some of us have quit our jobs they have been building from their university days in order to pursue their passions in the exciting world of gin production. Through the upcoming content and stories you can follow what the Luftbremzer Gin Distillery is all about and can get a glimpse of how it all started two years ago when it was all just a mere idea that has been evolving ever since into the realization of a quite unique venture.

We invite you to come hang with us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and at the Luftbremzer website, say “hi” and get an insight into what we do.

Stay tuned!