How it’s made (part 1/2)

You might have been wondering what it takes to whip up a decent bottle of gin.

But first, a little disclaimer to start with: the next two posts are a description of the current distilling procedure we are following, given that we are still producing our gin in our R&D lab and not a fully equipped production line. Once the distillery is set up, some parts of the procedure will change accordingly, however, not on the expense of the product quality and its unique taste. It can only get better!

With that being said, let’s get started.

There are numerous ways to produce gin and  every distiller holds that seecret closely to their chest, but the art of distilling is one of the oldest chemical processes known to human civilization – hence the simplicity of the process. You heat the alcohol and the botanicals to the point of boiling, and then you condensate the right fumes (vapour) at the right time to form the drinkable spirit. Well, it’s a bit more complicated than that and here is how we do it.

At Luftbremzer, the gin is currently made in our R&D lab in order to produce the recipe. We have been developing said recipe for two years now and we can say that after more than fifty trials – it’s here!

It’s full juniper bodied, with the herbal twist, and decent floral nose. With locality in mind we have created a drink that depicts  the character of the whole region  from Mediterranean to pannonian, from bay leaves to chamomile.

About the equipment

 The micro-still that was used is a 2,5 liter copper one ordered from Portugal. It’s a miracle how that small piece of distilling equipment can be so versatile in its simplicity. With the standard boiler and condenser, the interesting addition is the vapour infusion chamber which we will discuss a bit later. It also has a small temperature gauge that helps us make the right heads and tail cuts in order to collect only the finest heart of the distillate that forms the Luftbremzer gin.

And… have we mentioned that we love it? It is so small, simple and humble and yet it gave us the very essence of what our story is about. Honestly, no matter how far the Luftbremzer Distillery goes, we will always remember where it all began: in our improvised lab, with the smallest and the biggest still in the world.

Please stay tuned for part 2 where we will describe the distillation course of Luftbremzer gin.

See you soon…